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Sovon Sanyal : José Ignacio de Andrade’s Epistolary Account of India

Sovon Sanyal : José Ignacio de Andrade’s Epistolary Account of India


José Ignacio de Andrade’s Epistolary Account of India:
A Translational Focus

The beginning of the nineteenth century witnessed special forms of travel with the emergence of large empires in the world. We may see travelling as synonymous with leisure. But there are cases when travelling was undertaken by consi-derations other than leisure— simply knowing the world beyond the known one. Exactly with this spirit José Ignacio de Andrade, a Portuguese traveller journeyed in India and China more than once between 1815 and 1835. Andrade, a humanist, left behind one hundred impressions (in the form of letter) of the Orient—India and China. His book endorses the spirit of pursuit of truth with reason but not without love. India is the first land of the East that appears in Andrade’s account. Here the first twenty-eight letters of this Portuguese humanist have been selected for this study and translation as well; as they are written from and about India, except the first four which were penned during his voyage from Lisbon to Calcutta.

96 pages, 1st edition
ISBN: 978-93-80542-88-1

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Joseph Mery : The Elephants and the Monsters

Joseph Mery : The Elephants and the Monsters

cover_sovon_01JOSEPH MERY
The Elephants and the Monsters: An Episode of the Indian Insurrection

Much had been written in English about the 1857 mutiny in India, most of which subscribe the version of the British rulers. The French were against the expansionist East India Company at that time. Their vision about the peoples’ resistance didn’t get much revealed, but stories of those resistances are found to be resonated among the French writers. Though never in English, it was once translated in Portuguese— from there Sovan Sanyal translates it with a long introduction and necessary notes.

80 pages, 1st edition
ISBN: 978-93-80542-75-1

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