Paul Gauguin : Noa Noa: The Tahiti Journal

Paul Gauguin : Noa Noa: The Tahiti Journal

Noa Noa : The Tahiti JournalPAUL GAUGUIN
Noa Noa: The Tahiti Journal

One of the most prominent post-impressionist artists, Paul Gauguin left his family and country only to move to the country of the so-called ‘uncivilized’ Maoris for the sake of painting. There he stayed with the Maoris, noted every intrinsic details of their livelihood and collected their mythology and folklores. He detailed every aspects of them in this book, elaborated the picture of a great civilization. Added with these are reproductions of many of his black and white paintings drawn during his Tahiti days.

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80 pages (plus illustrations), 1st Monfakira edition

Price in India: INR 195.00

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