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জুজে সরামাগু : অচিনদ্বীপের খোঁজে

জুজে সরামাগু : অচিনদ্বীপের খোঁজে

RWITA ROY ed. Achindwiper Khonje

জুজে সরামাগু
অচিনদ্বীপের খোঁজে

Achindwiper Khonje

পর্তুগালের বিখ্যাত লেখক নোবেল-লরিয়েট জুজে সরামাগু-র (Jose Saramago) অসাধারণ এক ছোট গল্পের অসামান্য নাট্যরূপ। ভাষা এবং উপস্থাপনা, উভয়ত ঋতা রায় এই রূপায়ণে নিঃসন্দেহে তাঁর দক্ষতার পরিচয় দিয়েছেন। মূল পর্তুগিজ থেকে সরাসরি এই রূপায়ণ।

This play has been written in accordance to the story ‘O Conto da Ilha Desconhecida’ by Nobel winning Portugese writer Jose Saramago. This story was published in 1998, the year when Saramago received the Nobel. The story is like a parable of cherished dreams which leads us to think. The characters in the whole story don’t bear any name. It consists mainly of two characters – the man and the sweeper of the palace. The subsequent characters in this story are the king, the applicant, the neighbour, the sailors and the Captain. The characters can be recognized by their profession. It’s a small story of cherished and uncherished dreams, reaching the goal by sheer hope and crossing all the obstacles. But these have led the story to attain an extraordinary height by the immense powerful writing of Saramago.

48 pages, 1st Edition
ISBN: 978-81-908057-4-2

Price in India: INR 40.00